Do It! 3rd Birthday (and closing night) w/ dEbruit & Auntie Flo

DO IT! turns 3! After three years of cutting edge international acts and audio-visual performances, DO IT! bids farewell this Friday at Snafu. In the past 3 years we’ve booked a selection of our favourite artists, see below, and been fetted and acknowledged by culture sources Juxtapoz, Superfuture, DPI and Øyafestivalen.

Ikonika / Rustie / Dorian Concept / Mweslee / Pursuit Grooves / fLako / Offshore / Auntie Flo / Melkeveien / Beatbully / Sprutbass / Mother North / All City Records (Olan) / Telephones / Onra / Buddy Sativa / Gold Panda / Snasen / Moxie / VKTR / Inko / Timber / Bobby Brazuka / DJ Woo / Proviant Audio / Tom Wilson / PYHUFNT / Leif and the Machines / Tobii / Indian Red Lopez / Yoin / Casiokids / Ben Butler & Mousepad / Torkelsen  / Am$trad Billionaire / Toob / Studio Cee / Cruicky / Ekko Festival (Asel) / Halvor Bodin / Vixen VJs / VJ Pop Com / Cupofill

Co-founder Alexander Horne’s anticipated record label will venture out to expand the music DO IT has embraced in 2012. To celebrate our final night, we have an all-night takeover of one of Scotlands’s finest venues, a crop of exciting home-grown acts, Auntie Flo and dEbruit live shows….don’t miss out, DO IT!

More details and discount tickets available from Resident Advisor here

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DO IT! is 3 news

A little teaser of the stunning poster design by SIO for our final soiree this December 9th at Club Snafu. There will also be a special live visual setup from our visuals crew, collaborating with SIO and MWXTV for the first time, on the night. Advance tickets are on sale for a discount rate from Resident Advisor now, you can check the line up and pick up tickets from the link below. Grab’em while you can, just 100 advance tickets available and they guarantee you a one-off mixtape.

Buy advance tickets for DO IT! is 3 (and out, our final night) from RA here.

DO IT! x ALL CITY 16.09

Approaching the 3rd year of DO IT!, 2012 will see a change in focus from events to production and an end to our Aberdeen nights. More news on that in time for our final birthday bash at Snafu in December. For our penultimate party, we just had to take things back to the original venue, Cellar Bar 35, for memory sake. A fresh DJ/producer talent from Glasgow and the man behind one of the most respected modern hip hop labels around are in place to make them. Check out the event links below for details and enjoy a fine mix from ALL CITY honcho Olan.

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All City Podcast - We All Cant Be Pimps and We All Cant Rap by allcitydublin

DO IT! Aberdeen: Live Illustration Music Visuals


The video is finally up on my Vimeo

Do it! Aberdeen May 13th 2011; live illustration music visuals from Lars Huse.

Hit up read more to check out a snippet of what I did up in Aberdeen, during the Do it! night Friday the 13th of May.

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A skweee showcase introducing one of the best known labels in the genre, direct from Norway and in the UK for the very first time to launch the debut Dødpop artist LP, ‘Kosmik Regn’ by Beatbully. Having sent the dancefloor into a mass skweee sprawl at Unsound, By:Larm and Øya last year - this gig will deliver live sets from key members of the Nordic imprint: Beatbully, Sprutbasss & Melkeveien. With DJ support from DO IT! residents (Uraki Riddim, Kid Bell & White Chocolate) and Hush Hush honcho Giles Walker, visuals by Uber AV and a Funktion One soundsystem - the event promises to be an exciting introduction to the conflict r’n’b and synthetic funk sounds of this Scando analogue movement that has gathered international interest. Poster by Alexander Horne. McSKWEEE LIKE A PIG ABERDEEN!!!

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