Inko ‘Tropical Offbeat’ EP

A couple of months back we gave you a tasty snippet off the then upcoming Inko ‘Tropical Offbeat’ EP, the laidback strut of 'American Hipster'. Well now that EP is out and available for all to pick up from the always dope Stereoptico site right here! Beatmakers, DJs and music aficionados we really recommend you pick this one up. Showcasing the unique offbeat sound that Inko explores via straight up break neck beats, Caribbean riddims and jazzy cosmic interludes - the ‘Tropical Offbeat’ EP hits you at an infectious pace and also features an exclusive track collaboration between Inko and fellow Domenican beatsmith DAM!BEER, ‘Planets & Orbits’. Check out one of the EP tracks below for a sip of this hot Inko brew.

Jazzy (con Wille Colon) by INKO


A skweee showcase introducing one of the best known labels in the genre, direct from Norway and in the UK for the very first time to launch the debut Dødpop artist LP, ‘Kosmik Regn’ by Beatbully. Having sent the dancefloor into a mass skweee sprawl at Unsound, By:Larm and Øya last year - this gig will deliver live sets from key members of the Nordic imprint: Beatbully, Sprutbasss & Melkeveien. With DJ support from DO IT! residents (Uraki Riddim, Kid Bell & White Chocolate) and Hush Hush honcho Giles Walker, visuals by Uber AV and a Funktion One soundsystem - the event promises to be an exciting introduction to the conflict r’n’b and synthetic funk sounds of this Scando analogue movement that has gathered international interest. Poster by Alexander Horne. McSKWEEE LIKE A PIG ABERDEEN!!!

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