Colo ‘Midday Sun’ EP

Colo’s debut ’ Midday Sun’ EP on TAKE Records is an eloquent collection of contemporary UK electronic music, ever so slightly akin to some early Floating Points productions. The fact that the release also includes impressive remixes from further UK luminaries such as George Fitzgerald has led me to believe that this could be one of those timeless additions to my record collection, and potentially a contender for one of the better records to come out this year. The slowly shuffling hypnotic house beat from the first track on the EP, ‘Picture of You’, conveys the mood of a newly found dusty yet vintage interpretation of FP’s Vacuum Boogie).Ā Surprisingly the Colo EP is not yet available on vinyl, or perhaps not so surprising given the delays on pressings apparently due to record day, the record label suggests that it will be coming soon.

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